Buy a boat for Charter or Combine Charter and Personal Use.

If you buy a boat for charter it can be profitable providing the charter company is reputed and that you buy the right boat at the right price. This will mean buying a new or nearly new vessel, be it sailing or motor, that is designed and equipped for charter and that is moored in the right place. If you want to buy a boat for personal use but offset the bulk of the annual costs this can be a great solution.

Why Buy a boat for Charter in the first place?

Charter boat ownership is in effect a great way to enjoy sailing for a few years without major expenses, AND own the boat at the end of the contract while having the charter income pay for some or all of the mortgage. 
After 5 years, boats keep a resale value of up to 70%, and as a brokerage company we will help you sell it

Buying a New or Second Hand Boat and Chartering it out in July & August

If your one of the fortunate people who do not have to take their holiday in the peak season there is a great option. You do not buy a boat for charter per se but you buy one for yourself and just loan it to the charter company for July and August. This way you kill two birds with one stone. You do not pay the mooring during the high season and you receive a previously agreed fixed sum (about 10% the value of the boat). Also the boat comes back to you in the same condition that it was in when you handed it over.

Buy a boat for Charter or combine Charter and personal use

How and Where with Which Company

You can buy a boat and contract it out with a charter company pretty much anywhere.
There are countries where the legislation is more prohibitive and the rules of use are unnecessarily strict. Spain, for example, is one because it does not allow you to have personal use of a boat that you are chartering out and the boats are rarely fit for resale after. 
It is important to choose a place where you would like to sail.
Our personal experience is limited to the Mediterranean but we can advise you on most places through our network of brokers.
The kind of boat to buy is straight forward. It has to be at a good price, robust, reliable and one that holds its value. Certain models from Beneteau tick all these boxes as do Jeanneau, Dufour and Grand Soleil.
With internet it is easy to can check out a reputable charter company from the number of reviews. We only work with a small number with whom we have worked for many years.

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