Gib Sea 402

Remarks: This Gib Sea 402 for sale, is a very fast sailboat in navigation, both in calm waters and with bad sea. It’s very bright. Through the dinette hatch, a lot of sunlight enters. In the same room and in both bands, there are six fixed hatches through which a lot of light also comes in. The Gib Sea 402 is called NURA (the Phoenician navigators called Nura the island of Menorca, island of fire))

Nura has owned three owners. The first from 1988 to 2017 in Matadepera (Barcelona) and they sold it due to the already accused old age of this gentleman. The second from 2017 to 2018 in Valencia that sold it for change to another age and the third from 2018 to date today, which puts it up for sale because it wants to move to a larger in age. This sailboat has never been rented.

Gib Sea 402 is 12.55 metres in total length and 3.88 metres in sleeve. In documentation it is recorded that it has a large 11.85 meters, which is ideal if you are in possession of the per navigation title. The total draft is 2 meters. The Nura has always been treated with great care and affection. The helmet does NOT have osmosis. In June 2019, a complete and thorough review was made, sanding and painted with International brand antifouling and antifouling for metallic elements. Changing sacrificial anodes and replacing the engine bottom faucets, existing toilets and spades.

The stainless steel diesel tank is 151 liters capacity. It is also equipped with two freshwater tanks, both stainless steel, one port and one starboard, which add up to the amount of 348 liters and which are filled through their corresponding plugs located on port port and starboard deck. The engine is a Perkins Prima M50 with 50 V.V. power and 3745 hours. This one is in very good condition. In January 2019, it was replaced by oil and diesel filters, as well as engine oil.

It has two batteries of 12 v. AGM and another of similar characteristics for start and service (220 Ah and 185 Ah.) It is equipped with a smart battery charger located under the card table. It also has a 12v. to 220 v. current converter and 600 watts of power. Electrical installation of 12v. and 220v. in all rooms. It has two VHF stations, one of the GME brand that is connected to the GPS lowrance chartplotter. (Mediterranean Sea letter) The other of the Shipmate brand that would be used in case of failure of the main one. The vhf antenna is installed at the top of the main stick. In the kitchen there are two spades with tap, a refrigerator replaced by a new one that will be made this same month of January 2020. Next to the chest of the fridge, there is another that is used as a preservative, as it maintains a cooler temperature. The kitchen was replaced by a mini camping kitchen, which is used when we are out of port. To use at 220v. there is a 1200 watt and it is perfect. In the starboard band of the dinette is the cd radio with two interior and two exterior speakers, located the latter in the bathtub.

Where was the old kitchen there is a spacious wardrobe. Beneath the spades is the engine of the refrigerator and space to stoyt, for example, cleaning products. In general, there are many gaps, under seats, in the backs of the sofas, under the beds, under the card table, etc., where you can stok a lot of objects.

In the three cabins that the Nura owns, 6 people can perfectly stay overnight. Then, on the dinette’s sofa can sleep two more people as it makes a bed. In the starboard band of the dinette there is another seat in which someone else could perfectly be housed. The cabins are spacious, both with a small wardrobe for jacket or trouser clothing. In the lower parts, there are them to store shoes or other material. On the sides there are some spaces, also for storing objects. The toilet in the bow cabin has a pike with a faucet, a toilet and a little arm to stoard hygiene products or similar features. The toilet behind the card table has a toilet and a shower was installed to use it, predominantly in summer, as the water is cold. There is the possibility of installing a boiler or water heater, an end that was not carried out because it was not necessary. In both aft, port and starboard cabins there are spades with fresh water tap, one per cabin. They also both have a courtesy mirror. Already, outside on deck, in the bow, we have the 1500 watt power reel and with two pushbuttons on deck, which will facilitate the arriado and hoisting of the 50 meters of calibrated chain of 10mm. Which is in the anchor pit next to the 15 kg anchor. weight. Behind the bow balcony, we have a Genoa reel in stainless steel and a wall lamp with navigation lights that, would be used in case of navigation light failure which is located on top of the main stick. All the work jarcia is forwarded to the bathtub. The Nura can be governed with one person. Further back is the main stick with three winches to facilitate the lifting of the different candles, if possessed. We have a tango that is attached to the port band’s manman.

In the aft bath, we find three displaythat indicate, the depth (Raymarine) the wind direction (Autohelm) and the data and control of the autopilot (Autohelm) Also, we have five winches of the prestigious multinational BARLOW. Four of them with two speeds and autocators.

Rudder wheel in marinized aluminium. Log with grip handle. Table in bathtub where, perfectly fit six people and which has a bulky space to store drinks and ice. Through a plug under it, the water resulting from the ice can be emptied in summer. In both bands of the bathtub there are two tambuchos of generous spaces as well as on the port and starboard fins. The aft platform with bathroom ladder, aft shower and 220v power socket. and the fishermen to carry an auxiliary vessel, if any. On the aft balcony there is a support, in stainless steel, to accommodate an outboard motor, if also possessed. Two horseshoe life rings. Toldo bimini and awning awnings.

In general, the Nura is a sailboat that has yet to sail thousands of miles, because it has been very careful by its three owners and it may be obvious that you can observe some kind of wear due to its 31 years of existence but that does not influence any of its excellent aspects, both for sailing and for long periods on board.




Gib Sea












Perkins Prima

Eng Mod:





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In. Equ.

Depthsounder, Log-Speedometer, Wind Speed & Direction, Plotter, Autopilot, VHF
Furling Genoa

Electric Equ.

Out Equipment:



Shore Power Inlet:
Mainsail Cover:, Cockpit Cover:



Sara M

Sara M

20 years of sailing Experience French but speaks English,Spanish, Italian fluently

Gib Sea 402

We are network yacht brokers Valencia, with an international team of brokers and marketers, we appear on an international level, and on over 37 platforms.

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Gib Sea 402

We are network yacht brokers Valencia, with an international team of brokers and marketers, we appear on an international level, and on over 37 platforms.

+34 722 636 622

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