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City of Valencia architecture

A modern building in arts and sciences Valencia

Valencia is a vibrant, modern and cosmopolitan city in Spain. It is the third largest city and not only has a fascinating heritage, culture but also a great nightlife.

Most visitors to Valencia spend their time in the old town which is known as El Carmen. This neighbourhood is full of important buildings such as the cathedral, the art deco central market and the museum of ceramics . There are is an abundance of great shops both traditional and modern . And if you are a midnight mover and an all night groover ( that is corny), the small streets surrounding the cathedral are full of tapas bars, restaurants and clubs.

Valencia has some fine examples of modern architecture and cultural projects. The City of Arts and Sciences is unique in Spain and is a place worth visiting. It is to be found in the dry river which is full of botanical marvels.

valencia modern building

The City of Arts and Sciences Valencia

The city is a great place to head if you like nature and the outdoors. Not only does it boast 8 miles of sandy beaches, but there are also parks and gardens throughout the city offering tranquility and beauty. The Valencia Bioparc is a unique zoo which was conceived so as to feel as though you have been parachuted into the heart of Africa.

Whatever you look for in a holiday, Valencia will have what you are after.

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